|Salvation is Through Faith In Christ Alone |
|Victory in Life is thorough Obedience to the WORD

Growth or "Discipleship": Key: we do not grow ourself. The more we surrender the more we grow.
To Grow you have to saturate yourself in His Truth. Here are some tools to help you.
Enjoy your journey!!

What is Discipleship

The pattern we see in scripture is the pattern that guides our discipleship model.  It is not some new idea, or new model that we are trying to implement.  It is the Biblical pattern we are trying to follow.


Before people become a believer in Jesus Christ, they must first "come and see" what is going on.  The Holy Spirit leads them to places that are alive in Christ, and they come to find out what is going on and to see if they want to be a part. 


After watching Christ we have a choice now, will we follow after Him and become a believer in Jesus Christ? The first step is one of faith.  We make Him lord of our life by believing Jesus is the Son of God, came to die for our sin, and rose from the dead.  The Bible says when we confess this with our mouth and believe in our hearts that Jesus came, died, and rose again, we are saved.  We make a decision to follow after Christ and live life inspired by Him as new creations.  As a believer you now belong to the body of Christ, which is made up of many churches all over the world.  Part of your personal commitment comes through water baptism (personal and public commitment to Christ). 


Part of walking with God is learning to "come and be with Him".  This is for all of those who want to develop in life and ministry.  This is for those wanting to make the choice to invest their own resources in serving others. We do this by becoming co-laborers with Christ and using our gifts and abilities for the glory of God's kingdom.


Jesus compels us to simply "Go".  He has called us through the great commission (Matthew 28:19) to go and make disciples of all nations.  We are compelled to do this because we realize that God's love is big and He desires that none should die and spend eternity in hell. This compulsion to share is not limited to one culture or context.  It is not limited to one ethnic background or economic class, Jesus died for the whole world and a soul is a soul anywhere on the planet.


The next step to grow in Christ is learning the art of "Remaining in Christ."  In John 15 Jesus compels us to remain Him, for apart from Him we can do nothing.  God has called us to be a living breathing church, for the church is not mortar or brick, we (believers in Jesus Christ) are the church.  As we learn to remain in Christ we realize that the process of growth never ends. 

 Change is inevitable, growth is intentional. Grow, Belong, Serve, Share, Remain…


When God wants to drill a man, and thrill a man, and skill a man,

When God wants to mold a man to play the noblest part;

When He yearns with all His heart to create so great and bold a man

That all the world will be amazed;

Watch His methods, watch His ways!

How He ruthlessly perfects whom He royally elects!

How He hammers him and hurts him, and with mighty blows converts him

Into trial shapes of clay which only God understands;

While his tortured heart is crying and he lifts beseeching hands!

How he bends but never breaks when his good he undertakes;

How He uses whom He chooses and with every purpose fuses him;

By every act induces him to try his splendor out.

God knows what He's about!


©Live 4 the LORD