Am I really a sinner? Here is the sinner test.....Test myself for sin.

This is God's Law and he says that if you break one law, at one time, you have broken them all.
(Hint: we have all broken them, do not fear being a sinner, God can change you with His grace. But you can have new life once you see that you are sinful and ask for the Remedy: Jesus) Jesus came to save us not condemn us. You can choose to have new life. But to know you need new life, you have to realize that you are sick.

The law is given to tell us about how to have relationship with Him and with each other. The law was not given to hurt us but to help us.

The Question
The Law
Reflection for Healing
Have you always put God first in everything? You shall have no other gods before or besides Him.

Only God knows all things and can help you through your life. Putting Him first will help you stay focused and lead a pure life.

Have you ever constantly thought of or obssessed about one thing, more than your thoughts of God? You shall not worship or bowdown to any idol.

Do you worship money? food? drugs? None of these things satisfy you like God can. He has a plan for you and following Him will fulfill you, not these earthly things.

Have you ever used the name of God in a frivolous manor? You shall not use or repeat the name of the Lord your God in vain, lightly or frivolously, in false affirmations or profanely. It is complete disrespect to the creator of the Universe who gave you your own breath, to use His name lightly. There is a built in Guilt mechanism in the human disposition. Guilt destroys us, God knows having respect can free us.
Have you kept every Sabbath day Holy and dedicated to God? Keep the Sabbath day Holy, dedicated to God

Have you ever gone shopping on a Sunday? All people need to rest and have one day to spend with the Loving Father to get reconnected so we can stay focused on what really matters.

Have you ever disobeyed your father or mother? Treat with honor, obedience, and courtesy your father and mother. God has given a natural order of family to teach us how to relate to Himself.
Have you ever been angry at a person? You shall not commit murder.

Jesus says that anyone that is angry with his brother is guilty of murder.

We do not do right either, so as God forgives us, we must forgive others.

Have you ever been unfaithful after you made a commitment to someone about something? You shall not commit adultery. Faithfulness and commitment shows trustworthyness and good character. One of the basis of humanity is to become Christlike in Character. This is healing to the human soul.
Have you ever taken something that did not belong to you? You shall not steal. God is the giver of good things. If you have not it is because you ask not. And if you do ask, you ask with wrong motives. God knows the heart of ALL humans.
Have you ever told someone a lie? Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Why did you lie? Was it to protect Self? God's word above all is Truth and He expects trustworthyness and truth from us. Growing us into Christlike character is the ultimate goal.

Have you ever wanted to take someone elses stuff because you thought you should have it and they should not? You shall not covet your neighbers things. God is a gracious and loving God. Soemitmes he gives gifts to people so they can feel his kindness which brings them to repentence. We should not get upset if someone has something we want.

Living for the world's way is death. Living for God is life, health and true peace.
Ask Jesus into your heart to help you. You must repent of your ways and choose God's ways.
How do I ask for the Remedy - Jesus. How do I repent?

Look at all the wonderful things God Offers you.


©Live 4 the LORD