Repentance means to turn away from. We must turn away from our ways and Turn to God.
(Hint: this is a daily lifestyle attitude, not a one time event.)

1. Admit you are a sinner.

2. Admit you have a wicked heart.

3. Believe Jesus is God who came to earth in a physical body to die and pay your sin penalty so that you can be reconciled to God. It is finished. Jesus came to save us from sin's punishment. He did not come to condemn us.

4. Beleive Jesus rose from the dead to prove that he was who he said he was. He was either a liar or who he said he was. You can not have it both ways.

5. Believe and accept that Jesus wants to come and live in your heart to make it new. He wants to heal us and make us new creations to glorify God.

6. Believe that Jesus gives you the Holy Spirit to awaken your spirit. He seals us with it and gives us the Holy Spirit as a down payment of his glory which you will be in immediately when you die physically. Absent from the Body, Present with the Lord.

Turn from the world and its ways and live for God, they lead to death and destruction. Only God can save you from sin and help you live victoriously. Living for him is a process, not something that happens overnight. Once saved, you are covered in grace. Accept his gift of grace as you walk out your salvation daily until you go home.

The Word of God is the guide....start reading. Check out the Tools page to help you strengthen and grow your spirit in your new faith.

Welcome to God's family. Check out everything he offers you.

©Live 4 the LORD