Every moment of every day you have to Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk closely with God, practicing your faith.

People can be good people and do good things but still not have the Holy Spirit and therefore still not be really saved.

People that do not have the Holy Spirit cannot understand God, cannot love God, cannot want God, cannot please God, and therefore cannot be righteous in his eyes. This is why we "Must be born again" with a new spirit, which he gives us by His grace, not by our works - it absolutely cannot be earned, it must be accepted as a gift.

The biggest practice of our faith is to walk in His Spirit.

We must forgive the wicked, they cannot see truth because they do not have the Holy Spirit, who is truth. "They know not what they do." Pray for the wicked to get truth and accept the Holy Spirit. Pray for their souls to be saved before they loose them to the fires of hell. We must Forgive them, but do not trust them. Trust only God, not man.

Stay humble, ask God to keep showing you truth and renewing your mind, we all can easily fall into the devils schemes, he is very crafty and disguises himself in light. If the devil does get you deceived, just get up, ask God to renew your mind again, repent of your sin, and continue to follow God.

His Grace is Enough.

Live 4 the Lord
In Spirit
With all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body.


©Live 4 the LORD