True God vs. Religion



Pursues us with His Love

Gives us Laws to obey

Love makes us come near

Law makes us want to rebel

Once near God shows us truth about ourselves in loving way

The truth about the law's perfect standards and the fact we can't keep it, makes us run away because we can not bear to deal with it apart from love.

Loving us and showing us truth brings us to repentance of wrong ways and accept His forgiveness and willing to try to be better.


Apart from love we do not have strength to deal with our rebellion or even want to.

fulfilled all perfection
wants to have relationship of love

man expected to fulfill
rules and regulation of perfection

Seeks and Saves

Condemnation because can not be perfect

Grace and Mercy

Law of Perfection

Healing with Love and Truth

Behavior Modification only


Legalism prison

Governed by Spirit

Governed by Flesh/Society/Law

Makes a new creation

Does not make anything new

Cleanses and Heals the Heart with Love and Truth

Only modifies old behaviors

Gives new attitudes and perceptions to the Heart

Hides true attitudes of the heart under behavior so we do not have to deal or see our true selves.

Fixes old heart attitude problems of rebellion and sin.

Only fixes external outward behavior, does not deal with the true problem.

Cleansing and New


Do you want to see what God offers you?

My purpose is to love others, even the unlovely to make them want to see why. Then Jesus is introduced. When Jesus is introduced, Jesus is able to love them and seeks them Himself. (which He was doing all along through the introducer anyway) Once Jesus seeks and saves them, he can show them truth of self and start the healing process. I can only love others when I accept His love poured into me. It is NEVER me, ALWAYS God.

  1. Let God Love Me
  2. God forgives me of ALL (past/present/future) it is in the sea of forgiveness, never to be brought out again.
  3. God Seals me with the Holy Spirit, and Gives me Jesus and everything that He is. I am now seen by God, in Jesus. I am now made legally perfect in CHRIST.
  4. Journey on Earth
    1. Even though seen as perfect in Christ, God wants to prepare my soul for Heaven. There is no sin or sickness in heaven.
    2. God reveals the truth of my sin and heart sickness little by little to heal me from glory to glory. This revelation of truth and healing is not punishment; it is to get my soul ready for the perfection of heaven.
    3. I am also here on earth to share the awesome truth of Him and His love and willingness to heal and prepare us for heaven if we want to.
  5. Blink of an eye, I will be changed into perfection. But if I were taken now, I could not be sharing this with you. God loves all human being so much he has left the saved here on earth to share with as many souls as possible.

JESUS can heal you everywhere you hurt. All behavior is a heart attitude condition created from our perception and experiences of life thus far. However, GOD is willing to make us a new and perfect creation as He intended from the beginning. Even in the midst of our current life here on earth, not just in heaven.

PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY for his wonderful Love. This is why I choose to Live4theLord.

Welcome to the journey if you so choose. God truly loves you. Come taste and see.


©Live 4 the LORD